Back to School 17-18

Our school year will be starting before you know it!  Meet the Teacher Day is Tuesday, August 22nd. A mailing with your child’s time will be going out by August 3rd.  Parent Orientation is Tuesday evening, August 22nd at 6pm in the church Sanctuary.  The first day of school is Wednesday, August 23rd.

Below are all the forms you will need to start school as well as reference documents. Please note: We have scheduled two official paperwork turn in days prior to the start of school.  Forms may be turned in, without appointment, on Wednesday, August 9th and Friday, August 11th from 10 am-12 pm.

Teachers will be reporting to set up classrooms, attend staff meetings, and training the week of August 14th.  We ask that you call ahead or make an appointment should you need to stop by that week, so that we may be available to help you.  Please understand that we want your child’s first days of the new school year to be special and exciting – this takes time to prepare and set up which is why we set aside this time for our staff to get organized and ready.  We can’t wait to see you!

Forms for the 2017-2018 School Year

jfs-01234-updated-12-2016  Health and Enrollment Form (Required)

registration-release-form-2017_2018  Registration Form (Required)

jfs-01305-2  Child Medical Statement (Required with vaccination record attached)

Tuition-Express-Parent-Authorization (1) 2016  Automatic Tuition Payment Form (Required)

jfs-01217  Administration of Medication Form (Only required if your child needs to have emergency medication on hand at school.)

jfs-01236  Medical Care Plan (Only required if you answered questions on the Health Form that indicated a plan was necessary or required by state licensing).

Parent Reference Materials

Parent Handbook_17_18

2017_2018 School Parent Calendar


BTS17 Parent Letter August Mailing

School Supplies 2017