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Homemade Play-dough Recipes for Home & School

Preparing a School Ready Child REL_SE_preparing_a_school_ready_child“>How families can support mathematical learning at home. (This video from has some great suggestions on how to help your preschooler with math concepts.“>The Promise to Georgia’s Children – Rollings Language Institute (This video provides a unique perspective on why language and allowing children to speak and be heard is so vital to their growth and development.)

Nationwide Children’s Hospital Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants

Did you know? BUMP teachers partner with Nationwide Children’s Hospital Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants?  Our students benefit from strong early relationships and experiences that help them learn to express and regulate their emotions, build healthy relationships, and develop skills to explore and learn.  Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s ECMH professionals work one on one with our staff members to set goals, train and discuss strategies to help strengthen positive reactions and proactive lesson planning to encourage social emotional development in the classroom.

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